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Boutique Hotels Offer Amazing Benefits

Oftentimes, it just seems easier to book a chain hotel or motel for a business stay or vacation. They have their own websites, are on all the major travel sites, and offer benefits to people with their club cards. However, boutique hotels in Dania Beach, FL, offer a lot of things that chains cannot. Here are the benefits of choosing a boutique hotel for your next trip.

Go Local

Chains are owned by large corporations based in other cities, states, or countries. They offer the same thing everywhere they are with few real differences. This cookie cutter approach provides people with a sense of comfort while not offering any of the benefits that travel could have. Boutique hotels are usually locally owned. The money spent at a boutique helps the local economy and usually supports a family rather than stockholders and CEOs.

Get Personal

These smaller hotels have fewer guests and often offer more quiet and relaxation than a chain that may have hundreds of rooms and even more guests. A smaller hotel means that the staff have fewer guests demanding its time and services.

Get Creative

People who travel have more ways to become more creative because they have more experiences than those who stay at home. Staying at a cookie cutter hotel limits the opportunities for different experiences and exposures that are the core of the creative process. Each boutique hotel is decorated differently. This difference may be subtle, but it is enough to help spark creativity. If a business needs a creative kick start, it can begin with a stay out of the chain hotel arena and in a boutique hotel. Sending someone to a business meeting away from their usual work space should be fully harnessed for all of its benefits; the creativity aspect of travel often goes unnoticed in the corporate world because it requires the traveler to get further out of his or her comfort zone and to think deeply about the experiences.

Get a Deal

One study found that boutique hotels may cost as much as 20 percent less than a chain hotel! That should make getting a room at one of the boutique hotels in Dania Beach, FL, an easy decision. Saving money on a trip and enjoying better service, a more comfortable atmosphere that helps improve creativity, and the personal touch that boutiques can offer while supporting the local economy all make the choice of a boutique hotel, the right one.

Holiday Hotel

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Self-Driving Holiday In Australia

One of the biggest complaints from most tourists is the amount of control they have over their holiday, or rather lack of it. A typical package tour is designed to let you get the most out of the holiday experience, but with daily tours arranged, it soon begins to feel like a forced march, and you have no control over how long you stay. If you want an adventurous holiday, where you are in complete control, here are a few reasons why self-driving is the way to go.

  1. Explore at your Leisure – Renting a campervan allows to go wherever you please, and with no hectic schedule to maintain, you are free to explore the delights of this amazing land. Australian camper hire is available online, and after selecting your vehicle, a secure online payment ensures your campervan will be fuelled up and waiting at the airport.
  2. Choose your Own Route – The rental company would be able to offer advice on your route, and they would know of a few special attractions that most tourists never see. Once your route is mapped out, that doesn’t mean it is set in stone, and you can change your plans at any time. You might decide to stay in one place for a few days, if you discovered an idyllic paradise, or perhaps you might meet another family and decide to travel together.
  3. No Hotel Bills – This is certainly a welcome to any tourist, as the majority of a holiday budget is gobbled up by accommodation costs, and the extra money can be used to splash out on a few trips, or even to extend the holiday a further week. Australian camper hire is priced reasonably and with fully comprehensive insurance, there are no hidden charges and you can allocate the extra money however you please.
  4. A Unique Adventure – A self-driving holiday is definitely an adventure, as the whole family works together to keep things ship shape. The vehicle is fully equipped with everything you need, and that includes the following:

ü  Bedding

ü  Fully functional kitchen

ü  Fridge – freezer

ü  Toilet and shower facilities

ü  Enclosed dining area

ü  DVD and MP3 player

The family will bond during the holiday and even though you have all the mod cons, it is still a form of camping, albeit with added comfort.

  1. Explore the Natural Beauty – Being in complete control allows you to maximise your enjoyment, and if you like to be surrounded by nature, you couldn’t wish for a better backdrop than the Australian countryside. You can tailor your route to suit your lifestyle, and with bike hire everywhere, you can sample some of the best trails, or enjoy a hike in the hills.

Self-driving holidays are also popular in the USA, with Hawaii offering some spectacular routes, and wherever your destination, you would be hard pushed to find a more exciting way of experiencing a new culture.