A Complete Guide for First Time Visitors to London

First time visitors to London may be thrilled and excited to see the major attractions but to make their trip memorable it becomes crucial to research, plan, and prepare in advance. Many things need to be planned like where to stay? When to visit? What to do? What to see? Where to eat? First time visitors to London can visit TripIndicator website and look for detailed suggestions.

Comprehensive guide for first timers visiting London

London is a large city

Metropolitan area of London is ginormous, so if you plan to stay for few days then stay in close by location you wish to explore.  Staying outside the city because accommodations are cheap can add to your cost of transport and time. Therefore, staying in central London is good for first time travellers allowing them save time and money on transportation. Moreover, your overall trip budget will not suffer as you will need less days to see more.

Check out the London tourist attractions map to find a suitable hotel around the places you desire to see. For example, with kids you can choose a hotel located on South Bank, which is near London Eye. Staying in central London makes it easy to visit main attractions because many of them are at walkable distance or within short bus drive.

Oyster card

It saves your money and time related to travel related expenses, which gobble cash fast. Oyster card allows you to journey at discount price.

Grab low cost flight

Flight tickets for landing at Heathrow can be expensive than arriving at Stansted, so choose low-cost flight tickets.

Free art galleries and museums

You can enjoy rich London heritage for free at the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum and more.

West End show ticket for cheap

If you are not very fussy about what you see at the West End theatre then visit TKTS booth in Leicester Square. Unsold tickets for same day show are sold at TKTS booth for half the price. If you are lucky, you can get best seats available.

Pick railcard

If you want to pick a Railcard then you need to be below 26 years and above 60 or travelling with family. It is a card, which offers discount of 33% on tube and rail travel during off-peak times. If you visit city many times then this is a massive saving option.

Tour London for CHEAP

Hop-on, Hop-off buses can be expensive but if you are not in a hurry then jump on-board Red London bus and save a lot. In less than two dollar you can grab a 24-hour bus from Marylebone Station and get seated upstairs. You will pass the Regent St., Piccadilly Circus, the Leicester Sq., Downing Street, House of Parliament, the Big Ben, and London Eye. You can hop off here to experience Southbank on foot.

Hire a bike

You just need a credit or debit card along with good direction sense. If you wish to relax at noon then rent a bike and pedal across the town. You can experience the city in a joyful way thus save significantly.

You can enjoy street food and even get a peek inside Buckingham Palace. People in London are amazing and friendly. You can make some good friends here!

Holiday Hotel

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Self-Driving Holiday In Australia

One of the biggest complaints from most tourists is the amount of control they have over their holiday, or rather lack of it. A typical package tour is designed to let you get the most out of the holiday experience, but with daily tours arranged, it soon begins to feel like a forced march, and you have no control over how long you stay. If you want an adventurous holiday, where you are in complete control, here are a few reasons why self-driving is the way to go.

  1. Explore at your Leisure – Renting a campervan allows to go wherever you please, and with no hectic schedule to maintain, you are free to explore the delights of this amazing land. Australian camper hire is available online, and after selecting your vehicle, a secure online payment ensures your campervan will be fuelled up and waiting at the airport.
  2. Choose your Own Route – The rental company would be able to offer advice on your route, and they would know of a few special attractions that most tourists never see. Once your route is mapped out, that doesn’t mean it is set in stone, and you can change your plans at any time. You might decide to stay in one place for a few days, if you discovered an idyllic paradise, or perhaps you might meet another family and decide to travel together.
  3. No Hotel Bills – This is certainly a welcome to any tourist, as the majority of a holiday budget is gobbled up by accommodation costs, and the extra money can be used to splash out on a few trips, or even to extend the holiday a further week. Australian camper hire is priced reasonably and with fully comprehensive insurance, there are no hidden charges and you can allocate the extra money however you please.
  4. A Unique Adventure – A self-driving holiday is definitely an adventure, as the whole family works together to keep things ship shape. The vehicle is fully equipped with everything you need, and that includes the following:

ü  Bedding

ü  Fully functional kitchen

ü  Fridge – freezer

ü  Toilet and shower facilities

ü  Enclosed dining area

ü  DVD and MP3 player

The family will bond during the holiday and even though you have all the mod cons, it is still a form of camping, albeit with added comfort.

  1. Explore the Natural Beauty – Being in complete control allows you to maximise your enjoyment, and if you like to be surrounded by nature, you couldn’t wish for a better backdrop than the Australian countryside. You can tailor your route to suit your lifestyle, and with bike hire everywhere, you can sample some of the best trails, or enjoy a hike in the hills.

Self-driving holidays are also popular in the USA, with Hawaii offering some spectacular routes, and wherever your destination, you would be hard pushed to find a more exciting way of experiencing a new culture.


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