Relive the Historic Era of Malta and Get Dazzled by Its Architectural Structures

Fort Ricasoli built in 1670 by the Knights of Malta. Used as a set during  the filming of The Gladiator. | Building, Malta, Italy

If you are planning a vacation and have not yet decided on a place, then why not consider Malta? Malta is an archipelago in Central Mediterranean right between Sicily and the North African coast. This island is known for its breathtaking landscapes and hosts some of the oldest temples in the world.

Malta – A Refreshing Sight from Your Usual City Life

If you live in the city and are looking for a relaxing vacation, then Malta is the perfect spot for you. If you are planning to visit the island during the season time, then you might need to book your hotel in advance.

Sliema is a popular tourist destination in Malta. If you are unsure where to begin your search, then the internet is the best option for you. You can enter keywords such as Sliema hotels Malta bookings to get a list of credible hotels such as St Hotels headquartered at 1026, Malta. St Hotels is one of the largest hotel operators in Malta and has hotel properties that have a stunning view overlooking popular landmarks in Malta.

If you are intrigued by history, then Malta will not disappoint you. This island has fascinating museums and attractions that speak volumes of this island’s history. The island is also known for its forts and fishing villages.

Valletta, the capital of Malta is known for its architectural buildings and beautiful skylines that can be viewed from Sliema Marsamxett Harbour. You can visit the famous St. Paul Church or book a cruise around the Grand Harbour. You can even take a walk around the Sliema harbour and take the tours offered by the ferries to Gozo and Camino.

If your hotel is located near beaches in Sliema, you can take a lazy stroll and admire the sunset along the promenade. Some of the streets of Sliema have interesting street art that can leave you awestruck by the creativity of the people.

Gorge into Delicious Cuisines and Dance Your Way into the Night

Your vacation to Malta is incomplete without tasting the delicious cuisine of the island. There are many restaurants and cafes wherein you can catch a quick coffee and spend some time with your loved ones.

Sliema is also known for its nightlife. You can hop onto night cruises that host parties and have a gala time dancing the night away. If you love shopping, you can visit The Point, one of the popular shopping malls amongst the tourists. You can even stop by the Tigne Point Bridge and have a glimpse of Valletta.

Other places that you can visit while vacationing in Malta are:

  • Fishing villages that house Victorian-style houses and stone streets
  • Swimming and diving in some of the beautiful beaches of Malta
  • Harbour cruises with views of popular cities of Cospicua, Senglea, and Vittoriosa
  • The hilly streets of Gzira
  • Popular clubs and bars in St. Julian’s Bay
  • One-day bus tours that take you across the beautiful streets of Malta


Malta is any traveller delight with so many places to explore. When compared to other European cities, the prices for Malta are comparatively less making this an affordable travel destination.