Are You Preparing To Stay In Malta With Student Visa?

No doubt the place itself captivates you and makes you fall in love but there is more to Malta. Malta has top universities and educational institutes that attract international students from several countries all over the world. The plus point is that, although the official language there is Maltese, they teach in English. Therefore, when you find a suitable programme in your favourite university, look for accommodations near your campus. It is also good if you can find on-campus accommodation.

Finding The Right Student Accommodation

Many students find living outside the campus quite comfortable due to various reasons. You can rent a private apartment or stay as a paying guest with the landlord. When there are so many options, it is easy to get confused. No need to worry. You should check out the student accommodation in Malta that keeps the comfort and needs of the students in mind just like Campus Hub near the campus of the University of Malta. You would get every facility you can get while living in a community and more. They have affordable retail stores, restaurants, community areas, and a gym with both single room apartments and shared rooms.

Apart from this, you would want to live in purpose-built student accommodation or PBSA due to the following benefits –

  • Instead of a private apartment, parents feel more at ease at heart if their children are staying at a highly secured PBSA. They have strict security regulations and management for the safety of the students.
  • You get the perfect environment for studying. It would motivate you to perform better.
  • You can even choose the room, your flatmate, and the arrangement of shared space and private area.
  • Generally, PBSAs are situated around important universities, eateries, shops, and easily accessible transport systems.
  • They provide all the facilities vital to students like a study, internet connection, laundry services, and so on. Ideally, you would feel like you are living in a community. You would share common areas like a gym, game rooms, movie theatre, and kitchens with other residents who are students of similar age.
  • With PBSA, you don’t have to pay extra bills. All the utility expenses come in one inclusive bill – be it electricity, water or wi-fi.

How To Sort Out Your Luggage?

Before you pack anything, check the customs regulation and airport security restrictions of Malta. You would get the list of things (especially foods) that you are not supposed to carry, both in the cargo and the hand luggage. Don’t carry items that you can easily buy at any Maltese store. Make sure you are carrying your emergency medicines.

Important Documents An International Student Must Carry

When you are going to Malta for the first time for your study, carry all the necessary documents that you have to produce at the airport and on arrival. Keep your passport, another identity proof, acceptance letter, educational certificates, travel insurance, contact numbers, proof of funds, and accommodation arrangements safely in a file and carry it in the hand luggage.

What To Expect On Arrival To Malta?

Once you land in Malta, you have to go through immigration for inspection. The immigration officer would ask you to produce valid documents in support of your cause of the visit to the country. They may ask you further questions if necessary. Once you pass the immigration, you can now go to the selected accommodation.