What Types of Commercial Mats Do You Need?

American businesses are suffering in safety. A report by an insurance company in 2012 showed alarming statistics.

A total of $13 trillion has been lost due to slips and falls. One American insurance company also reported that the majority of slips and falls in commercial settings are due to untidy floor surfaces.The bottom line is that American businesses should reevaluate their commercial mats Landing, and their maintenance strategies.

Ultima Mats is a matting company that offers enough choices to ensure that every business can select the right safety mats. You can find 50+ floor mats. Some may fit within one of these matting categories.

  • Scraper mats

These scraper mats can clean your floors no matter whether you’re a professional, home-based, or fully-functioning company.

  • Logo mats

These logo mats are standard mats but can be further enhanced by adding graphics. These mats can be printed with any company logo and brand message.

  • Antifatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue rugs are specifically designed to alleviate fatigue in the lower extremities of workers who might spend extended periods on their feet.

  • Antistatic Matts

These mats have been specifically designed to reduce any potential for static discharge and/or electrical shock. These mats can be found in computer labs.

  • Comfort flow Mats

These mats are just an upgraded version of the anti fatigue mats previously mentioned. These mats are not only comfortable and supportive, but they also allow liquids to flow through them easily.

  • Wiper mats

Wiper Mats can absorb water and keep it contained so that people can clean their feet. For added slip resistance, you can get them with rubber backing or vinyl.

  • Cocoa mats

These mats are made with vinyl backing which is extremely strong to keep them in their proper places during use. They are also more eco-friendly than other mats and have a much longer life span.

  • Recessed rugs

This mat is best for areas where high volumes of traffic are frequent. The recess will allow the mat to remain flush with the ground which will reduce tripping hazards.

  • Recessed flooring tiles

These are similar to the recessed mats. These recessed tiles can be used to make a tiled look, but unlike mats, they are modular. Carpet tiles are able to provide excellent moisture control and dirt removal.

Due to their unique geometric design, many facilities prefer recessed flooring tiles.

  • Drainage Mats

These mats channel all the water quickly to the floor, keeping the rubber walking surface dry and safe. To keep employees fresh and energized during work, there are several drainage mats available.

Today, you can find mat service businesses that will offer essential maintenance and support. These companies will visit your place to clean and replace the mats.