Things You Need to Know When Appearing For A Driving Test

Passing a driving test is an essential requirement to get a permit to drive independently and legally on the road. However, to succeed in the test, a candidate has to be thorough in theoretical and practical aspects of driving. This article tells you all you want to know about passing a driving test.

Who Is Eligible to Earn A Driver’s License?

In New South Wales, people who have had their learner’s license for a year and logged 120 hours behind the wheel, and are seventeen years of age, are eligible to sit for a driving test to obtain a P1 license.

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What Is the Cost to Get A Learner Driver Licence?

A candidate needs to pay a fee of $45 to complete the driver knowledge test. On passing the test, he will need to pay around $24 to obtain a learner driver’s license. Study material and logbook will cost around $14 and $18 respectively.

What Skills Do You Need to Hone to Pass the Driving Test?

The driving test will assess the knowledge of the driver both on the theoretical aspects (road signs, traffic rules, car components, etc.) and practical driving skills on the road.  License applicants should exhibit that they can drive legally and safely in the driving activities examined in the test.

Here are the skills that you need to master to pass this exam.

  • Show confidence while you use the car controls
  • Leave the kerb securely
  • Do a hill start without rolling back
  • Maintain appropriate travel speeds while driving
  • Keep a safe distance between you and cars
  • Adjust mirrors properly
  • Properly indicate before you take turns or at intersections
  • Check for blind spots before you change lanes
  • Apply brakes and change gears slowly
  • Demonstrate good judgment skills at intersections
  • Stay in the right position or lane on the road at the time of taking turns
  • Properly scan the road ahead and act in unanticipated situations
  • Stop the car one meter before the traffic lights, and STOP signs
  • Perform a reverse parallel park, angle park, a three-point turn, and a straight-line reverse
  • Drive without getting drifted out of the lane

How Driving Test Assessors Will Evaluate Your Driving Knowledge?

The driving test examiner will consistently showcase the following safe driving habits and behaviour when driving in varying traffic conditions:

  • Observation
  • Signal use
  • Gap selection
  • Speed selection
  • Leaving a safe following distance
  • Lateral position to select the steer a smooth path, safe lane to drive in, and stay within the own lane
  • Stop Position
  • Left and right turns at intersections
  • Changes of the lane to the right and left
  • Joining with other traffic
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • A three-point turn
  • Driving along curved roads and straight in varying traffic conditions


If you are not sure about driving tests, then it can be beneficial to seek the help of a professional driving instructor. He will give you extensive driving knowledge along with practical driving test tips to boost your preparation. This will enhance your chances of passing the test in the first attempt.