Top 8 Things to Do in Memphis

Memphis is a famous city in the US, and thousands of people from different corners of the world visit this place every year. Besides, there are many incredible things to see and do in Memphis. The city is full of life. In fact, be it your business trip or family trip, you will have so much to enjoy here. The beautiful mansions, parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, what not everything makes this place a perfect destination to enjoy your holidays. I personally love the food here.

If you are planning for a trip to this place with your family or friends then plan it during April or October, as the temperature will be moderate. Are you planning to visit Memphis soon?  Here are 25 things to do in Memphis.

  • Best Barbeque – If you love barbeque then you must definitely visit Memphis. Do enjoy the barbeque here with your loved ones, and you will not forget this experience in your lifetime.
  • Outdoor Activities – Memphis is a perfect place for outdoor activities like horse riding, fishing, hiking and biking. As there are many bike rentals companies in Memphis, you can happily book a bike online now and go for a ride to explore the whole city.
  • Best Craft Beers – Do visit the craft beer bars here to enjoy the local flavors. The best part of the craft beer here is they are of high quality. No doubt thar you will love the craft beers here.

things to do in memphis

  • Street Food – If you visit Memphis then I am sure you might have seen some good number of street food trucks and stalls, especially in the evening time. Don’t miss the delicious pasta and tacos here.
  • Coffee Shops – If you want to enjoy the most amazing coffee then do visit the coffee shops in Memphis with your loved ones.
  • Music Events – If you are someone who loves music then Memphis is the right place for you. A lot of musical events happen here every year, and the world’s popular musicians participate in those events. Check the music events calendar and plan your trip accordingly to enjoy maximum.
  • Shopping: Memphis is also a great place for shopping. In fact, you can find some world-famous boutiques here. So, don’t forget to do your shopping when you visit Memphis this time. Shop some outfits for your loved ones here to surprise them post returning back to your hometown.
  • Movie Theatres – Memphis also has some great theatres. Watch the latest movies there with your loved ones with your favorite popcorn. Your children will love this idea.

There are many sites online where you can find details of the best restaurants, hotels, resorts and upcoming music events in Memphis. One of the best sites is ‘We are Memphis’. Trust me this site is a perfect guide for all those who are planning a trip to Memphis. Do visit this site today to make your trip a memorable experience in your life.