Why You Should Make a Plan To Visit Memphis?

Memphis is a famous holiday destination on the Mississippi River. The city has a rich heritage and culture. It is popular for its connection to blues, soul and rock n roll. You will find historical monuments, mouthwatering local food, magnificent architecture and some pretty awesome restaurants.

We are Memphis is a non- profit organization which has a goal to make Memphis as a destination for talent, businesses and tourists. It is a collection of organization and individuals where people from every background and community come together to tell their stories.

There are plenty of incredible things to do in Memphis. Below, mentioned are some of the popular tourist attractions that you must see during your visit.

  1. 1. Best Barbecue

There are hundreds of barbecue joints that serve delicious food. It is almost difficult to pick one joint that offers the best barbecue. However, you can try central barbecue that is one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

  1. 2. Auto zone Park

If you are a baseball lover, then you must visit this place. It is the finest place to enjoy the sport among the 14000 spectators, while cheering for your favorite players.

  1. Mississippi River

It is one of the magnificent and largest water bodies passing through the city. You can enjoy a number of activities along the river side or book a riverboat cruise to feel the tranquility of water, far from the noise of the city.


things to do in memphis

  1. National Civil Rights Museum

This place is a perfect choice, especially for the history lovers. The museum is situated inside the Lorraine motel. It marks the significant historical event of assassination of eminent leader, Martin Luther King.

  1. 5. Beale Street

This street is a fantastic place for hangout with your gang. There are many authentic shops and restaurants. You can do shopping and have a meal or drink of your favorite beer, while enjoying the street view.

  1. 6. Sun Studio

The studio is known for its recording of the melodious classic music. It was opened in the year 1950. Many eminent singers such as Jerry Lee Levis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins etc have performed here.

  1. Paula & Raiford’s Disco

This place has perfect ambiance, bright lights, groovy music and the best dance floor to show up your dance moves. It is the popular choice of the night lovers.

  1. Memphis Zoo

It is one of the top ranked zoos in United States. The zoo is the home to 3500 animals belonging to 500 different species. Here, you can find different species of polar bears, monkeys, birds, reptiles and penguins.

  1. Children’s Museum

This is an entertaining and educational place for the children. This museum is specially designed for the curious young learners. There are numerous programs, which exhibits the concepts in the fun- filled way.

Thus, Memphis is a vibrant place and caters the interests of almost all the groups from children to adults. If you are planning a holiday with your family or loved ones, then it is an ideal place to explore.