Can You Control Your Smoking Habit or Getting High?

You can always find few people who have the habit of smoking excessively. Certainly, it is not fun to indulge in smoking too often. There is some difference between smoking moderately and also enjoying it and overdoing it by accident. Often due to overdose you may feel sick or get extremely paranoid by over-smoking.

One should smoke in a responsible manner and know his limit, which can avoid to get too paranoid. You should not be under peer pressure and end up smoking more than your usual limit or try to do something new, even if you may not be fully comfortable with it.

However, if you want to experiment then it is better to try something within your comfort zone, or do it along with people whom you can completely trust. In any case, make sure that you are in an environment where you are 100% comfortable.

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Following are few of the tips that can help in controlling your smoking habit that you must remember.

  1. Drink enough water or coffee

Often people get dry mouth due to smoking hence by keeping yourself well hydrated you can prevent over-smoking. If taking too much water does not suit you then can take coffee too.

2. Get fresh water by walking

Often by refreshing your mind can help you a lot. You can go out with your friend to get fresh air by taking a stroll outside or keep moving yourself.

3. Take a nap

Often this helps many people and if you can manage to fall asleep then it will be really great. Even by laying down, you can calm down your mind and distract from smoking.

4. Distract yourself

You may try to shift your focus in certain interesting activities so that your mind may get little distracted from smoking. You may see some interesting TV program or movie.

5. Talk to someone who is sober

You may go out and talk to your neighbor or any friend nearby who is sober, which can help you a lot to keep you away from smoking excessively.

6. Try to reduce your high

CBD oil is also considered to be effective home remedy to reduce your intense high, but you can also find some home based method to keep yourself sober much faster.

7. Don’t freak out

You must understand that by getting high, you are not going to die. Often people get nervous and think that they are going to die.

8. Put yourself at comfortable space

Whenever you feel that you are feeling too high then try to put up at certain comfortable place so that you can make sure that you may not hurt yourself.

9. Try to avoid such company

One best way of avoiding excessive smoking or getting high will be to avoid the company of friends who may influence you to indulge in such activity.