Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Ceiling Medallion – Make the Right Choice

Have you dreamt of a luxurious looking house with a beautiful chandelier in the drawing-room? You dream of many things, but buying a house and decorating it is the common dream of everyone. It’s not enough to just buy an empty house, you have to decorate it with furniture, other material, perfect lighting, and the best interior.

A ceiling Medallion is one of those decorative features that enhance the look of your ceiling. They are usually round in shape and were extremely popular decorations in the Victorian-style homes in the 19th century. They come in different styles and pattern, but the most commonly used is the floral pattern.

Back in time, these decorative features were used for practical purposes. How? In the 1900s, ceiling medallions were attached to protect the ceiling from candle burns. These are now used for hanging lighting fixtures. Once you are done with choosing the right design, you must choose the right chandelier or other lighting fixtures to attach to it.

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How to choose the right ceiling medallion?

To make your lighting look better, you must choose the right ceiling medallion and consider the following things before you make your decision.

Size Considerations:

The size of your ceiling medallion depends on two factors, the size of your room and the size of your lighting fixture.

Since the size of the ceiling medallion must be in the proper ratio to the room size to make it look good, you must do some calculations. To know the right size, you need to follow these steps:

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the room.
  • To get the total square footage of the room, multiply the two numbers (the length and width of the room).
  • Then divide the total square footage with the number 7 and you will get the required diameter of your ceiling medallion in inches.

The size of your chandelier or the lighting fixture is also a factor to determine the ideal size. If we are not very good at math, we can roughly say that the size of the medallion is similar to the diameter of the chandelier. If the room is large, the diameter of the chandelier might be lesser than that of the medallion and vice versa if the room is small.

Style Considerations:

You must choose the right style that goes with the other elements of your room. You can choose a simple and clean design for a contemporary room or choose floral patterns for the Victorian style room. You must also make sure that the medallion has the right size opening for the lighting fixture.