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Some Useful Tips to Avoid Hassles While Dropping of Your Rented Cars

In majority of the airports, car rental services are considered as one of the primary modes of travel. Most of the larger airports have garage facilities for car companies and provide them with house rental operations. These companies have certain organized routes for return of the hired car. Besides that, each of the car return is restricted to a certain limit depending on several factors.

In order to return the car provided by the rental service, majority of the service providers offers you with the location of their area allotted for your agencies in the airport.  Car agencies which offers offsite rental cars operates in a different way but their policies are nearly similar.

If in case you are not totally sure about delivering the rented car back to the agency. Here are some rental car tips for top airports which might be helpful in the longer run.

Let’s read on few easy tips that might be useful in saving you money as well as time while dropping of the hired car.  Besides, it might reduce possibility of any unwanted surprise during the whole process.

Checking the route and traffic

Planning can play an important part in deciding your journey. With options like online route map can help you identify the safest and the shortest route to help you reach the destination on time. On the other hand, companies also charge late fine if the car is delivered late or not on estimated time. Therefore, being organized and familiar with the route can help you save a lot of time.

Identifying the filling station

With various agencies having policies of ‘’full to full’’ fuel fill up process, you will be asked to deliver the car with a filled tank. Nevertheless, it will turn out useful if you could figure out the nearest convenient tank station before returning the car to its base. Keeping a check on the opening time of the gas station is as important as figuring out the location of it. Apart from that, you can also ask for a receipt of the filling so that you can provide it after dropping provided they ask.

Take some photos

After parking, take the picture of the fuel indicator and also mileage. Also, click pictures of the front as well as the gear side of the vehicle. This can turn out handy to avoid any extra charges for damage, mileage and also fuel fills.

Gather your belongings

After dropping off the car, it is essential for you to check for your belongings and pick them up to avoid any uncertain hassle. Apart from that, it is also important to pick up all the necessary documents your agency provides you before starting off with the ride including your rental agreement, car documents as well as your own driving license.

Not finding car parking agent at the allotment point

You can always interact with the car agency for situations where you might need to drop off the car without a representative in the allotted area. Otherwise, you can look for a drop box with the company’s detail so that you can drop your car keys or even interact with the agency through the helpline number.


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