Are You Planning a Trip to Nosara? A Few Interesting Things to Do

Nosara is a very well-known destination for surfing and it is almost like a small slice of Southern California that is transplanted to Costa Rica. Following are few reasons why people prefer to visit Nosara.

  • Surfing

There are number of beaches and boards at Nosara. One can easily rent any board at a cheap rate at Playa Guiones and go for diving into 6 feet high breakers. You can also spend time learning how to ride waves.

  • Visit beaches

If you are scared to surf then you can visit the beaches which is a great place for relaxing.

  • Explore the rainforest

There are rainforests around the hills at Nosara where you can go for hiking or watching birds. It will be a better option to walk around Werner Sauter Biological Reserve where you can find plenty of dazzling birds.

  • Visit to yoga center

There are plenty of yoga clinics where you can spend time to purify your mind. You can get rid of your stress and feel completely relaxed.

  • Enjoy great laid-back vibe

You can soak yourself under the sun on the beach and visit the bars and sip few organic drinks that are found near sea shores. Enjoy the slower pace of life at the resort.

Right time to visit Nosara is from month of November to March/April and can stay in a resort at Bodhi Del Mar where you can enjoy your stay and also relax by participating in Yoga.

How you can reach to the place

The closest airport is Liberia where you can reach by air and thereafter you need to either hire any car or take taxi in order to reach to the resort. In their local currency you need to shell out 80,000 Colone which is approximately $140 as a taxi fare. In case you have decided to hire a car then from Liberia, you must go to highway 21 and drive towards Nicoya. Thereafter switch to highway 150 and drive to Samara. After that move to highway 160 and reach to Nosara.

There are buses available from San Jose to Nosara which goes via Nicoya during 5.30 AM every day. It will take around 4 hours and 30 minutes and will cost you in their local currency 150,000 Colone which is approximately $262.

How to move around Nosara

There is no local bus service available in the coastal area. The buses only run between Nicoya and Nosara. To travel from one beach to other you may rent electric carts. Taxi services are available within Nosara and the fare can be anything between 9,000 colone to 30,000 colone which in US dollars is about $16 to $52.

If you decide to rent a car then it will cost you around $14 per day and in local currency it is 7,500 colone.

Cost of living

You will not get much opportunity to do shopping at Nosara however there are few stores for tourist from where you can buy your essential item. If you want to buy a dozen eggs then it will cost you 1,600 colone which is about $3 or less.

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